Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ray William Johnson =3 funny on YouTube

Are you looking for something funny to watch on the internet? If so check out Ray William Johnson on =3. I started watching this guy back in 2009. It is amazing to see how much his show has progressed since then. He now has about 300 hundred videos posted and has one of the most popular shows on YouTube. 

The basis of his show is to bring you some of the funniest trending videos of YouTube. He presents them by making fun of the videos and himself along the way. It is much like a Tosh.0 show in
four minutes. I actually think =3 is funnier but that could be a little bias as I started watching them before Tosh became popular.  

On occasion Ray has started having celebrity host the show if he is out. They actually do pretty well and try to keep the same format along the way. Gabriel Iglesias once hosted the show and actually seemed to be a little nervous. It was pretty funny to see a seasoned comedian out of his comfort zone trying to pull a show off. 

Ray also has another show called Your Favorite Martian. They are short cartoons that him and his team produce. The show is pretty cheesy but hey I got sucked in. I have posted links below for both shows check them out and watch a few episodes I am sure the show will grow on you and watch out for Squirrel Aids.